Hi there!

My name's Molly, and I'm a designer, creator, and product manager based in Palo Alto.


I've spent the past 5 years as a Product Manager at Google working on Chrome NaClGoogle ClassroomGoogle Forms, and mobile Search. After starting my PM career leading the launch and evolution of Portable Native Client towards WebAssembly, I moved to NYC to design and run the Classroom mobile apps for Android and iOS, helping accelerate learning everywhere by saving teachers time. I also led strategy and development for Google Forms, launching the New Forms UI to simplify form creation, along with features to intelligently autocomplete question types and options, enable respondees to upload files to Drive, and help teachers create auto-grading Quizzes. After that, I spent 1.5 years back in Mountain View on Google's bread-and-butter: Search, building a new mobile framework to support semantic clustering and organization of content on the search page. I led the framework from pre-launch iteration and A/B testing, through initial launch and landing, to scaling to over 10% of the query stream with hundreds of clients throughout Google.

Outside work, I spend a lot of time reading (recent favorites include Factfulness and The Smartest Kids in the World), listening to podcasts (especially Waking Up and Masters of Scale), and watching youtube videos about math, physics, and the cosmos (highly recommend 3blue1brown, PBS Space Time, and history of the entire world, i guess). I also recently published a short book about my time spent living and working in New York City called Goodbye To All That, inspired by Joan Didion's essay of the same title.

My mission is to accelerate learning by building tools for improving education. If you are passionate about education, technology, or big ideas to make the world a better place, feel free to drop me a note or check out what I have to say on Twitter.